The Rotary Dorset Bike Ride

To Enter

8th September 2019 - 8 Routes 10 miles to 108 miles

Rotary Club of Westbourne

Charity No 1111184

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What routes are suitable for children?

A1. This will depend upon the age and ability of your child. Your child should be stable and confident on a bike as even with the 10 mile route, the road from the start for about a mile is fairly busy and traffic can be fast. Children under 16 should manage the 10, 20 and 27 mile routes providing they are used to riding a similar route. Some older children may also manage the 38 mile route. Do contact us before you enter if you have concerns. You need to be responsible for any under 16's who ride with you.

Q2. Can I my change chosen route?

A2. Yes you can. If changing to one of the route between 10-50 miles, you can do this on the day by updating your check in slip. If upgrading from one of the shorter routes (10-50 miles) to one of the longer routes (i.e 70-100+ miles), you can do this on the day but you will need to pay the extra fee of £10. Please ensure you start your ride according to the set start times. See joining instructions on our web site.

Q3. Are the routes well signed posted.

A3. All the route are well signed posted and a route map will be provided. We will also have marshals along the route to cheer you on and provide help if needed.

Q4. What happens if my bike breaks down or I have an accident?

A4. It is important you carry a mobile with you and our emergency number is on the back of the lamented bike number. We can provide repair services as well as pick up back to the start if required.

Q5. Can I collect or buy my jersey on the day?

A5. If you are buying your jersey it is best to do so early to avoid disappointment and the jersey will be posted to you. If you are claiming your free jersey by collecting more than £350 in sponsorship you will need to confirm you have raised the required amount as soon as possible by emailing . We are unable to reserve jerseys for collection on the day unless they have been paid for or you have paid in at least £350 of your sponsorship money.

Q6. Can I ride and raise sponsorship for my own chosen charity rather than Cancer Research UK.

A6. The event is primarily for Cancer Research UK, but it is not compulsory to raise sponsorship although we hope most riders will at least try. We cannot stop you raising sponsorship for other charities but we ask that you let us know so we can track how much the event has raised.

Q7. I have not received my sponsor form and details?

A7. Sponsorship forms can be downloaded and printed from our web site. We will only post a sponsorship form if you have indicated you are raising sponsorship.

Q8.What time does the ride start and where from?

A8. The ride starts and finishes at Longthorns Campsite, next to Monkey World near Wareham. All the details for the start are contained in the joining instructions which can be viewed from the web site.

Q9. Is it possible to enter a team and does the team get a discount?

A9. You can enter a team of up to 5 riders at one time and you can enter a team name. A teams of 5 or more will get a 10% discount.

Q10. Is the course suitable for road bikes?

A10. All the routes except the 10 mile is all on tarmac road and suitable for road bikes but there is also an alternative route for the 10 mile to bypass the small forest section.

Q11. Is there a reduced entry fee for children?

A11. Children under 16, go free if riding one of the shorter routes 10-35 miles. Otherwise children are half price for the longer routes

Q12. Is it possible to enter on the day?

A12. We have limit of 1000 riders and providing we do not sell out you can enter on the day but there is additional £5 charge per rider. Registration will also take longer. We recommend you enter before the day to avoid disappointment.

Q13. How much of my entry fee goes to the charity?

A13. Thanks to our sponsors only about 10% of the entry fee goes towards the cost of running the event. 90% of your entry fee goes to Cancer Research UK. All you sponsorship money and any donations you make goes to Cancer Research UK or the charity you have chosen.

Q14.  Can I transfer my event fee over to another event or another person?

A14.All purchased places in the Rotary Dorset Bike ride are non-transferable, unless the event is postponed due to weather, then it can be transferred to the new date.

Q15. Can I use a mountain bike?

A15.You can use any type of bike although Road bikes are best suited for the longer distance routes. You are welcome to take part on a mountain bike but be aware this will make your ride more challenging. You may want to consider changing your tyres to road tyres. This will make the ride smoother and quicker.

Q16. Do I need to stretch before starting?

A16. Stretching allows you to maintain a full range of movement in the muscles and helps to prevent injury. It’s key to do this after your bike ride.  We hope to provide massages after the ride. If the session has been intense or if it’s been very cold, it’s better to stretch after you’ve warmed up. It's also important to  warm up before you start cycling, not doing this can lead to pulled muscles.

Q17. Do I have to wear a crash helmet.

A17. It is now compulsory to wear helmets for your own safety.

Q18. Should I take food and water with me on my ride?

A18. We suggest you have two full water bottles, as well as an easy to eat snack. While rest stops will provide food and water, they will not have extra water bottles at them, and it can never hurt to have an extra snack to keep you fuelled in between feed stations.

Q19. What happens if there is bad weather on the day of the ride?

This is a rain or shine event. Cyclists assume their own risk if they chose to ride in bad weather. We ask that all cyclists please use best judgment when deciding whether or not to ride.If the weather forecast is so bad that riding could be dangerous such as with very high winds, an email will be sent out on the night before. We will then try and rearrange the event. There will be no refunds granted.

Q20. Where can I park during the event?

A20. There is plenty of parking spaces at Longthorns.

Q21. Will there be food available?

Yes, we will have food and beverage available at Longthorns at the start and finish as well as feed stops on route.